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Donate Life Float Wins Theme Award at 2014 Rose Parade

January 2nd, 2014 by

Celebrating its 10th annual appearance in the parade, the Donate Life Float once again served as a memorial to organ, eye and tissue donors.

The Donate Life Float, with the theme “Light Up the World,” won the Excellence in Presenting Parade Theme Award at the 2014 Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA on New Year’s Day.

Donate Life Float at Rose Parade 2014 - the float's theme was "Light Up the World"

The award-winning Donate Life Float, “Light Up the World,” at the 2014 Rose Parade.


In front of a  television audience in the millions, the float provided a platform for deceased donors, donor families, living donors and transplant recipients to inspire the world.

Inspired by the theme of the 125th Rose Parade, “Dreams Come True,” the award-winning Donate Life Float showcased what was described as “a festival of beautiful lanterns” designed to inspire viewers to save and improve lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.

The float featured prominently under clear, sunny skies during the first half hour of the two-hour telecast. It was built by Phoenix Decorating Company from a design by Dave Pittman.

Check out the ROSE PARADE PHOTO ALBUM, below.

Organ donor Christine Springer

Organ donor Christine Springer

Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (FLDRN) was proud once again to be associated with the Donate Life Float. During the parade, FLDRN celebrated the life of deceased organ donor Christine Springer. Christine, who was 71 when she became a donor, lived in Trumansburg, NY. Of all the deceased donors who were honored at the parade, Christine was the oldest.

Richard Perez, a liver transplant recipient.

Transplant recipient Richard Perez

Also, together with the University of Rochester Medical Center, FLDRN honored liver transplant recipient  Richard Perez. The 59-year-old resident of Rochester, NY received his life-saving transplant over ten years ago.

Memorial Florographs to Honor Donors

Five strikingly attractive lanterns on the Donate Life Float were adorned with 72 memorial floragraph portraits to honor those who gave the gift of life and whose legacies of life shine brightly, including that of Christine Springer’s. A floragraph is a portrait created with floral materials.

Transplant Recipients and Living Donors

The float illuminated 30 riders – all grateful organ, eye and tissue transplant recipients – and 12 living organ donors, walking alongside to demonstrate their ongoing vitality. Richard Perez and the other riders were seated in a dedication garden filled with thousands of roses bearing personal messages of love, hope and remembrance.

The Rose Parade is hosted annually by the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, a volunteer organization.




Ulysses Town Justice Christine Springer Honored on December 20, 2013 Prior to Rose Parade (, the home of Ithaca Times and Finger Lakes Community)

Strong Memorial Hospital Liver Recipient Richard Perez’s Special Rose Parade Send-Off Celebration on December 16, 2013 (University of Rochester Medical Center/Strong Memorial Hospital website)

FLDRN’s Donor and Recipient Honorees Are Named for Rose Parade

“Light Up the World” Float Will Inspire 2014 Rose Parade Viewers




Molly deRoos honoring her mother, organ donor Christine Springer at 2014 Rose Parade

Molly deRoos (on the left) with her daughter Ali Brown. Molly’s mother, Christine Springer, was a deceased liver donor. The floragraph lovingly created to honor Christine at the 2014 Rose Parade is shown in the background on the Donate Life Float (at the bottom on the right). In addition to being the granddaughter of a donor, Ali is a liver recipient.


Richard Perez, liver recipient, honored at the 2014 Rose Parade. Richard rode on the Donate Life Float.

Liver recipient, Richard Perez, rode on the Donate Life Float during the 2014 Rose Parade. His wife, Maria Aponte, who traveled with him to Pasadena, is at his side. During the summer of 2013, Richard celebrated the 10th anniversary since his transplant.


Liver recipients Richard Perez and Ali Brown with FLDRN's Rob Kochik

Photographed standing in front of the 2014 Donate Life Float (from left to right): Richard Perez, liver recipient; Ali Brown, liver recipient and granddaughter of deceased liver donor Christine Springer; and Rob Kochik, executive director of Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (FLDRN).


Christine Springer floragraph and Richard Perez on Donate Life Float

Liver donor Christine Springer’s florograph can be seen on the lantern on the extreme left; liver recipient Richard Perez (riding and waving on the float) is second from the right. Richard is holding a photo of his donor.


Richard Perez on the Donate Life Float

With some of the the other transplant recipients at the 2014 Rose Parade, Richard Perez (second from the right) rides the Donate Life Float.


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