Changing Lives Through Organ Donation
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About Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network

We serve as the critical link between patients awaiting life-saving and life-changing organ and tissue transplants and donors who give the gift of life through organ donation.

Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (FLDRN) is a not-for-profit, organ donor program that coordinates organ and tissue donations in New York State’s Finger Lakes, Central and Upstate regions. We work closely with the region’s hospitals to ensure that the organ donor decisions of area residents, in consultation with their families, are carried out at the time of death. Explore below to learn more about our services and history. Visit the sitemap for a full index of site content

Vision Statement

  • We envision universal acceptance of organ and tissue donation as a fundamental societal value.
  • With this universal acceptance, all organs and tissues suitable for donation will be transplanted, and the urgent demand for organs and tissues will be met.

Mission Statement

  • The Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network is dedicated to the recovery of organs and tissues for people in need of life-saving and life-improving transplants.
  • We are committed to increasing awareness and fostering understanding of organ and tissue donation among health care professionals and the general public.
  • We will provide individuals and their families with the knowledge required to make informed decisions about donation.
  • Overview and HistoryHeart by Hand - Shirley

    Founded in 1986, Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network is one of four federally-designated organ procurement organizations (OPOs) in New York.

  • Leadership and AdvisorsLeadership and Advisors

    Finger Lake Donor Recovery Network's advisory boards play an important role in guiding its services to the community.

  • Our Donation Service AreaFLDRN Service Area Map

    Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network coordinates organ, eye and tissue donation with hospitals in 20 counties in upstate New York. FLDRN serves New York State’s Finger Lakes, Central and North Country regions.

  • Financial ContributionsFinancial Contributions

    Please support the Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network's public education programs by memorializing or honoring someone with a financial contribution. You can also make contributions for the Rose Parade and Donate Life Transplant Games.

  • Pass Life On!

    Join the New York State organ donor registry.


  • Facts About Organ Donation

    • If you are sick or injured and admitted to a hospital, the FIRST PRIORITY for emergency physicians and nurses is to SAVE YOUR LIFE, regardless of whether or not you have registered to be an organ donor.
    • Everyone waiting for a transplant is treated fairly and with respect. Objective medical criteria determine how donated organs are allocated to patients on the transplant waiting list.
    • All major religions approve of organ donation.
    • Check out "10 Facts About Organ Donation"
  • Explore the Interactive Body

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    Explore the illustrated, interactive body to learn about the organs and tissues that can be transplanted.


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