Changing Lives Through Organ Donation
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National Donor Sabbath

National Donor Sabbath, two weekends before Thanksgiving, is a time for faith leaders of all denominations across our region to alert communities to the pressing need for organ and tissue donations to save lives.

Sharing the Message through Our Faith Communities

Help Us Observe National Donor Sabbath  ~ November 12 – 14, 2021.

National Donor Sabbath is an annual nationwide observance in November, two weekends before Thanksgiving. There is no cost to participate.

It is supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, together with national, State, and local donation organizations, faith communities, health providers, community organizations, and concerned individuals.

Clergy participation is important.

People look to their faith leaders for guidance when making end-of-life decisions like organ donation.

Faith leaders of all religious denominations can build awareness and help inspire more community members to register as organ donors by participating in National Donor Sabbath and holding informational events throughout the year.

You and your fellow congregants can also help save lives.

If you are a congregational member of a house of worship you, too, can make a difference during National Donor Sabbath.

Here are three simple steps you can take:

1. Inform your religious leader that National Donor Sabbath takes place November 12-14, 2021. Request that he or she devotes a sermon to organ donation and how religion encourages all of us to save lives. Organ Donation Sermon Ideas and Hymns.

2. Ask your religious leader if you can help organize a speaker to attend services that weekend – or any time of the year! A transplant recipient, donor family member, or living donor could share their personal experience about how organ donation has impacted their life. Or, a Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network staff member could provide an overview about donation and the importance of making this end-of-life decision. Mary Jane Milano, Community Development Manager at Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network, would be happy to help you arrange a speaker and provide you with free materials to hand out. See Mary Jane’s  contact information below.

3. Learn more and join the New York State Donate Life Registry. Then, tell your loved ones that you have made the decision to pass life on through donation. Encourage your relatives, friends and fellow worshipers to fulfill the true meaning and spirit of Donor Sabbath by enrolling in the donor registry.

 Some of the suggested activities during National Donor Sabbath include:

  • Address the concept of passing life on through organ and tissue donation in sermons, prayers and homilies.
  • Share information through bulletins, newsletters and web communications.
  • Hold a prayer breakfast with speakers including local patients who are waiting for a transplant, donor families, transplant recipients and living donors.
  • During funeral services of a individual who passed life on through organ and tissue donation – and with the family’s approval – acknowledge the selfless gifts that have been given.

Resources to Help Share Information About Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

National Donor Sabbath Resources from Donate Life America 

Organ Donation Sermon Ideas and Hymns

Letter to Faith Leaders

Donor Sabbath Newsletter Article

Donor Sabbath Newsletter for Multicultural Communities

Organ Donation FAQs and Statistics

5 Reasons to Pass Along the Gift of Life

To Remember Me – A Poem 

Pope Francis Supports Organ Donation — “A Testimony of Love for Our Neighbor.”

Contact Us to Participate in National Donor Sabbath:

If you wish to share important life-saving information about organ donation during National Donor Sabbath – or anytime of year – please email Mary Jane Milano  (maryjane_milanoaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   or call her at 585-330-4559.

Thank you so much for caring about others who need our compassion and love.

National Donor Subbath

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