Changing Lives Through Organ Donation
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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually in the United States from September 15 through October 15.

As the nation celebrates Hispanic heritage, culture and accomplishments, Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (FLDRN) urges Hispanics to celebrate life by promoting organ donation during this special time of the year.

Hispanic Heritage Month logo   “Hispanics have had a profound and positive influence on our country through their strong commitment to family, faith, hard work, and service,” states the website “They have enhanced and shaped our national character with centuries-old traditions that reflect the multiethnic and multicultural customs of their community.”

Matching a Sense of Community: Signing the Donate Life Registry

FLDRN’s executive director, Rob Kochik, echoes these sentiments when he says: “Hispanics’ high standards when it comes to family and faith, and their focus on the vibrancy of life, can be made even more meaningful during Hispanic Heritage Month if members of this community set out to promote the life-saving nature of organ and tissue donation.”

Mr. Kochik adds, “On a practical note, it would be a positive reflection of their beliefs if Latinos were to enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry. This way they can save or improve the lives of of nearly 60 people.”

New Yorkers can enroll in the Donate Life Registry in various ways, including online and at the New York DMV.

For more information about how you can participate in Hispanic Heritage Month: Contact Amy James. Email Amy or call her on 585-272-4930.


Facts About Hispanics – and the Need for Organ Donors

According to the 2010 United States Census, 50.5 million people or 16 percent of the population are of Hispanic or Latino origin. This represents a significant increase from 2000, which registered the Hispanic population at 35.3 million or 13 percent of the total U.S. population.

Of the more than 10,500 people waiting for organ transplants in New York State, over 2,000 or roughly 20 percent are Hispanic.

  • More than 1,600 Hispanics need kidneys in New York State.
  • Over 300 Hispanics need livers.
  • Hispanics are also waiting in New York State for hearts, lungs and pancreas. Some of them need a double transplant–a kidney and pancreas.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Some Background

Hispanic Heritage Month, whose roots go back to 1968, begins each year on September 15, the anniversary of independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico, Chile and Belize also celebrate their independence days during this period and Columbus Day (Día de la Raza) is October 12.  explains Hispanics in the United States are categorized as being an ethnicity, not a race. “The term Hispanic or Latino, refers to Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race. On the 2010 Census form, people of Spanish, Hispanic and/or Latino origin could identify themselves as Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or ‘another Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin.'”

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