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Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network > Raising Awareness of Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation > Donate Life Transplant Games of America > TRANSPLANT GAMES OF AMERICA: Team Finger Lakes Is Bound for Cleveland in 2016. How About Joining Us?

TRANSPLANT GAMES OF AMERICA: Team Finger Lakes Is Bound for Cleveland in 2016. How About Joining Us?

Team Finger Lakes is looking forward to representing our region at the 2016 Transplant Games of America – our team’s third appearance at the Games. Next year’s event will be held in Cleveland, Ohio from June  10-15.


Cleveland TX Games 2016 combined logos

What Are the Transplant Games?

The Transplant Games of America, which takes place every other year, is multi-sport festival event to help promote the need for organ & tissue donation. The purpose is to show the world that transplantation does, indeed, work and allows for life to begin again through the generosity of organ donors.

Teams from across the country are represented by athletes who have received life-saving or life-enhancing transplants or are living donors, as well as donor families who are honored for their loved ones’ gifts of life.

Who Is Team Finger Lakes?

Since 2012, Team Finger Lakes has represented the Upstate/Finger Lakes region of New York State at the Transplant Games of America.

At the 2014 Games in Houston, Texas, Team Finger Lakes was represented by 13 recipient athletes, one living donor athlete and three donor families who graciously represented their loved ones who passed life on through the gift of organ donation.

The team has grown tremendously and it is expected that almost 30 recipients, living donors, and donor families will participate in Cleveland.

Team Finger Lakes 2014

Some of the members of Team Finger Lakes, 2014


Looking Ahead to the 2016 Games

Are you a transplant recipient, living donor or donor family and want to join Team Finger Lakes in 2016?

Our recipients and living donors compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals, while our donor families are honored throughout the week for their selfless decision to offer the Gift of Life to those in need. Athletes compete in events like bowling, golf, badminton, table tennis, cycling, track and field, and volleyball.

The atmosphere of the Games is wonderfully inclusive and celebratory, and offers the opportunity for those impacted by donation and transplantation to connect in a very special way.

Between the Opening Ceremony, Donor Family Ceremony, workshops, sporting events, and Closing Ceremony, all who attend leave ready to start planning for the next Games!

If you are interested in learning more about Team Finger Lakes, please email team manager Amy James  (amy_jamesaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)  .


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