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Blood Drive & Organ Donor Enrollment Drive in Honor of Colin Montesano @ Webster Schroeder High School
Nov 25 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Colin Montesano to be Honored at Event

The family of Colin Montesano is hosting a Blood Drive and Organ Donor Registration event in honor of Colin, who passed suddenly on April 21, 2017.  Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network and the American Red Cross are partnering on the event.

In January of this year, Colin proudly shared with his family that he had registered as an organ and tissue donor – becoming an advocate for others to join the registry, as well.

Colin passed away a few months later. However, because of his selfless decision to pass life on through donation, his gifts of life have since restored sight to two individuals and will save and improve the lives of many others through tissue donation.

Colin also received many units of blood during the effort to save his life. Blood donors can – and do – save many lives.

Please help us carry on Colin’s giving spirit by joining us at this event at Webster Schroeder High School. Colin was a 2014 graduate of Webster Schroeder and was enrolled in the biology program at the University of Pittsburgh. Read more about Colin and this event in the Webster on the Web blog

Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network will be on hand to share information on organ donation and enrolling in the New York State Donate Life Registry.

Click here to schedule an appointment with the American Red Cross to donate blood at this event.

Many generous Webster businesses are also supporting the event with raffle prizes, gift cards and food.

  • Pass Life On!

    Join the New York State organ donor registry.


  • Facts About Organ Donation

    • If you are sick or injured and admitted to a hospital, the FIRST PRIORITY for emergency physicians and nurses is to SAVE YOUR LIFE, regardless of whether or not you have registered to be an organ donor.
    • Everyone waiting for a transplant is treated fairly and with respect. Objective medical criteria determine how donated organs are allocated to patients on the transplant waiting list.
    • All major religions approve of organ donation.
    • Check out "10 Facts About Organ Donation"

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