Changing Lives Through Organ Donation
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Contact Us

Thank you for visiting Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network website. We trust you have found it to be useful and informative. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance to you.

General Contact Information:

Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (Main Office)
Corporate Woods of Brighton, Building 30, Suite 220
Rochester, NY 14623 (Google Map for Main Office)

Email a General Question or Comment

585-272-4956 – FAX

Staff Directory

 Questions and General  Information  Questions / Info 585-272-4930
Executive Director Robert Gruenenfelder  (robert_gruenenfelderaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-8093
Director of Clinical Services Bilal Mahmood  (bilal_mahmood1aturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Director of Development Nancy Ryan  (NancyJ_Ryanaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Director of Quality Systems Joseph O’Loughlin  (Joseph_Oloughlinaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Director of Family Services & Regional Manager William Sainsbury  (william_sainsburyaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Director of Finance Marsha Booth  (marsha_boothaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4942
Quality Assurance Manager Laurie Barton  (laurie_bartonaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4954
Hospital Development Associate Patti Knapp  (patricia_knappaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Hospital Development Associate Matthew Graney  (matthew_graneyaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
In-House Coordinator Timothy Kehl  (timothy_kehlaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Aftercare Coordinator Peggy Cruz  (peggy_cruzaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Administrative Assistant Kathy Schulz  (kathleen_schulzaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Organ Procurement Coordinator Jennifer Freeman  (jennifer_freemanaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Organ Procurement Coordinator Kristina Gleason  (kristina_gleasonaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Organ Procurement Coordinator Bernard Holland   (bernard_hollandaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Organ Procurement Coordinator Iniki Moreno  (iniki_morenoaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Organ Procurement Coordinator Alexis Templeton  (Alexis_Templetonaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Family Services Coordinator Caroline  McClendon  (Caroline_Mcclendonaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Family Services Coordinator Renae McCown  (Renae_Mccownaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930
Family Services Coordinator Jeffrey Mancini  (Jeffrey_manciniaturmcdotrochesterdotedu)   585-272-4930

Please call our main phone number, 585-272-4930, if you are uncertain who you should speak with.

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