Changing Lives Through Organ Donation
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QUICK QUIZ: Test Your Organ Donation Knowledge!

Five questions to test your knowledge about organ donation and the organ donation process. What’s your score?

5 Questions healthcare professionals (2) web1) How soon should you call the referral hotline when a patient is meeting the clinical triggers for organ donation?

2) True or False: If a family is beginning to talk about end-of-life decisions, it’s okay for hospital staff to mention organ donation to the family without consulting with FLDRN first.

3) On average, how many referrals does Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network receive in a year?

a) 700

b) 1500

c)  300

4) One organ, eye and tissue donor can save and improve the lives of:

a)  Up to 20 people

b)  Up to 40 people

c)  Up to 50 people

5) A patient has just been declared brain dead. He has hepatitis and previously used IV drugs. Is this patient medically suitable to donate organs?

a) Yes

b) Not sure. FLDRN will determine medical suitability.

c) No


Answers. What’s Your Score?


1. Call within 2 hours. If a family is discussing comfort care measures, call the 800 number as soon as possible, before withdrawal of care.

2. False. Your hospital policy states that Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (FLDRN) is the official requestor of donation.  Therefore, please contact FLDRN first so that we may collaborate with hospital staff in the process of approaching a family about donation.

3. b (Of those 1,500 referrals, FLDRN averages 45 organ donors a year. Many referrals are ruled out for medical reasons.)

4. c

5. b

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