Changing Lives Through Organ Donation
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Information for Healthcare Professionals

We work closely with the healthcare professionals at 38 acute care hospitals to present organ or tissue donation options to families and ensure that donation is considered as a routine part of the end of life process.

  • News and Events for Healthcare ProfessionalsNews and Events for Healthcare Professionals

    News items, including our PARTNERS newsletter, and event listings in this section are intended for healthcare professionals whose focus is organ, eye and tissue donation, and transplantation.

  • Overview of the Donation ProcessHeart by Hand - Shirley

    State law and federal medicare rules require hospitals to contact Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (FLDRN) at or near the time of death of a patient to determine if the patient has potential to donate organs or tissues. We, at FLDRN, work closely with the hospital medical and nursing staff to ensure that families are fully informed of their options or understand the organ and tissue donation decisions made by their loved ones.

  • Working With Families of Potential Donorsdiscussion; organ, eye and tissue donation, organ donation, hospital, finger lakes donor recovery network, fldrn, organ donor registry, new yotk, donate life registry, collaboration

    Clear communication with the family or next-of-kin is essential to helping them understand brain death and their options for organ donation. We work collaboratively with the medical and nursing teams to facilitate and coordinate this communication.

  • INTERVIEW With Kate Mitchell, a Clinical Educator, Who Says: "My Sister’s Transplant Was a Miracle!"Photo of Kate Mitchell

    A critical care expert and sister of a liver transplant recipient explains why healthcare professionals should embrace organ donation.

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  • Facts About Organ Donation

    • If you are sick or injured and admitted to a hospital, the FIRST PRIORITY for emergency physicians and nurses is to SAVE YOUR LIFE, regardless of whether or not you have registered to be an organ donor.
    • Everyone waiting for a transplant is treated fairly and with respect. Objective medical criteria determine how donated organs are allocated to patients on the transplant waiting list.
    • All major religions approve of organ donation.
    • Check out "10 Facts About Organ Donation"
  • Explore the Interactive Body

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    Explore the illustrated, interactive body to learn about the organs and tissues that can be transplanted.


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