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TRUE OR FALSE? 6 Questions About Your Kidneys

More than ever, maintaining good kidney health is a prudent personal goal. So here’s a quick true or false quiz to get you thinking what kidneys do and why they’re so important!


Illustration of kidneys

Kidney illustration from Gray’s Anatomy

1. The kidneys function as our body’s filters, cleaning blood of waste and impurities.  True_ False_

2. Kidneys do not in any way influence hormones. True_ False_

3. Inherited kidney diseases such as polycystic kidney disease as well as diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common causes of kidney failure requiring transplant. True_ False_

4. Prior to transplant, most patients require dialysis, a mechanical treatment to filter the blood to rid your body of harmful wastes, extra salt and water. True_ False_

5. People on the transplant list in the U.S. don’t have to wait long to receive a new kidney. True_ False_

6. The number of people waiting for kidney transplants in the U.S. has remained steady over the past few years. True_ False_


Check Your Answers!

1. True

2. False. Kidneys release hormones that regulate blood pressure, control production of red blood cells, and promote growth of healthy bones.

3. True

4. True

5. False. Of those on the waiting list in the U.S., more than one-third will wait three or more years for a transplant.

6. False. The number of people awaiting kidney transplants continues to escalate. For the first time, the waiting list for kidneys in the U.S. exceeds 100,000 transplant candidates.

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