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ROSE PARADE 2015: Three-Way Connection of Living Kidney Donor, Deceased Donor and Organ Transplant Recipient to Be Honored

November 14th, 2014 by Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network

Donate Life float rendering for Rose Parade on January 1, 2015.

A rendering of the 2015 Donate Life Rose Parade float. Its theme is ‘The Never-Ending Story.’

The theme of the 126th Rose Parade that will take place in Pasadena, California on January 1, 2015, is “Inspiring Stories.” Tying in with that uplifting concept, the Donate Life float’s theme to promote organ, eye and tissue donation, is “The Never-Ending Story.”

So it’s especially fitting that Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network and University of Rochester Medical Center/Strong Memorial Hospital will sponsor and honor three individuals from Rochester who were part of an awe-inspiring, hard to believe, three-way connection involving organ donation.

Laurie LoMonaco

Laurie LoMonaco

Living kidney donor Laurie LoMonaco will walk alongside the Donate Life float during the parade. She will be one of twelve living donors doing so on New Year’s Day in front of a worldwide television audience of millions.

Paul Guyette

Paul Guyette

Paul Guyette, a deceased organ donor, will be honored at the parade with a memorial floragraph — a portrait created with floral materials — that will adorn the float. Paul’s wife, Mary, who lovingly helped make the floragraph, will be in Pasadena for the parade. A total of 72 floragraphs will be displayed on the float.

Gates Orlando

Gates Orlando

Heart transplant recipient Gaetano “Gates” Orlando, a former Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Amerks hockey player and hockey coach, will join 29 other riders on the Donate Life float. Paul Guyette was his donor. (Read further to find out how this happened.) Gates is currently a talent scout for the New Jersey Devils.

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CBS-TV — Couple Mends Each Other’s Heart

October 19th, 2014 by Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network

After they got their new hearts at University of Rochester Medical Center/Strong Memorial Hospital, Esther FitzRandolph and Danny Pszczolkowski both suffered from complications and depression.

“I didn’t want to do anything,” said FitzRandolph. “I would just sit around.”

“I kind of refused the exercises and all that, at times,” said Pszczolkowski.

But a few months ago, both these patients started improving — dramatically.

What accelerated their recoveries? Romance!

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Pope Francis: ‘Organ donation is a testimony of love for our neighbor’

October 11th, 2014 by Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network

The following story was reported by Independent Catholic News (ICN). Read the complete story that appeared on ICN’s website.

Pope Francis described the act of organ donation as ‘a testimony of love for our neighbor’ when he met with the Transplantation Committee for the Council of Europe (CD-P-TO) who gathered in Rome on Thursday (October 9). The Pontiff’s comments came on the same day as the Catholic Church in England and Wales agreed to join the “fleshandblood” campaign as a national associate.

shutterstock_170215904 Pope Francis 11-17-14The fleshandblood campaign [in England] is the first national partnership of its kind between the National Health Service (NHS) and UK Churches, aiming to encourage church congregations to see blood and organ donation as a part of their community participation.

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Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network Announces Changes in Management Team

September 30th, 2014 by Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network

Rob Kochik, the executive director of Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network, (FLDRN), today announced two recent changes to Finger FLDRN’s management team.

Rebecca Milczarski has been named Clinical Director and will be responsible for all clinical operations of the organization.

Bill Sainsbury, whose service with FLDRN spans over 10 years, has been appointed Manager of Hospital and Family Services.

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National Donor Sabbath 2014: Finger Lakes Religious Leaders and Congregants Asked to Promote Organ Donation

September 26th, 2014 by Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network

Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network (FLDRN) has called upon religious leaders and congregants to promote National Donor Sabbath during the weekend of November 14-16, 2014.

In an email message to supporters of organ donation and hospitals, FLDRN executive director Rob Kochik wrote: “All major religions approve of organ, eye and tissue donation as a sacred act of love. During National Donor Sabbath, leaders from many religions, families of donors, transplant recipients and living donors participate in programs to promote life-saving donation.”

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